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The ambition of the Foundation La Società dei Concerti is to achieve the goal of offering everyone the best in music by sharing the emotions and beauty that arise from listening to exceptional soloists, international orchestras and young talents. In particular, theattention to young musicians and the consequent enhancement and promotion of their artistic qualities has always been the primary commitment of the Foundation. Your support for our activities and mission is essential, particularly today, as we must not allow the need for culture and music to give way to forgetfulness and miseducation. The yearning for beauty and emotions, the desire to deepen our knowledge makes society and ourselves better.

Please discover the Foundation support program that best suits you, a small gesture is enough to be part of a forward-looking and responsible program that amplifies our and your love for music.
In addition, from May 2020 with the Relaunch Decree, the possibility of supporting the Foundation La Società dei Concerti is extended thanks to the tax incentive of the Art Bonus which allows you to recover 65% of your donations in the form of a tax credit.
Thank you for your support.

Enrica Ciccarelli Mormone

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